Get To Know Your CPAHQ Staff – Pranav, Editor in Chief

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to the column “Get to Know Your CPAHQ Staff!” For the second edition, I have chosen Pranav to interview. Pranav is an Editor in Chief for Club Penguin Army Headquarters. Lets take a look at his career in armies so far and what he has to say to the future staff of CPAHQ.

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Closet Effects: The Roman Helmet and its Variations

KLONDIKE, Myth’s Fashion Studio – Welcome one and all to the inaugural post of Closet Effects, the brand new column brought to you every other Friday. Within this column, I’ll be looking back at specific Club Penguin items that influenced various uniforms.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Roman Helmet, and the two variations of the helmet used in post-Club Penguin games. Continue reading

The Fall of Troy: Trojans Set for Closure

TROY, Trojans’ Capital – Despite establishing themselves as a prominent force in the Small/Medium community, the Trojans announced a very abrupt shutdown. Why are the Trojans shutting down, and what plans do they hold for the future?

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People’s Imperial Confederation Declare “Fun War” on Trojans

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation – With Christmas just around the corner, the People’s Imperial Confederation issued a war declaration against Trojans. What is the reason behind this war declaration? What will the outcome be?

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14bized joins Trojans Leadership

TROY, Trojans Empire – Recently the Trojans welcomed a new face, 14bized into their leadership. What led to this decision and how will he impact the army? Continue reading

In The Limelight: Lime Green Army Returns

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Capital  With the holiday season going on currently, the army community witnessed the return of an old army, the Lime Green Army. What led to this revival, and what have they got in store for the army community? Continue reading

How Is YOUR Army Celebrating The Holiday Season? – Part 1

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The holiday season is here, with Christmas and New Year just around the corner! What is your army doing for the holiday season, this year? How is your army celebrating?  Continue reading

Dark Vikings Join The Army Community

DANELAW, Dark Vikings Capital –  A month back, a new army joined the army community. They are the Dark Vikings. What do the Dark Vikings have in store for the army community to see? Read more to find out. 

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Templars declare War on Silver Empire

Jerusalem, Templars Empire –  Just recently after the server drafts, had been put out for the armies to extend their lands, the Templars of Club Penguin declared war against the Silver Empire. What’s the reason behind this war and what can we expect from it? Read on more to find out. 

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Celts Declare War on Trojans

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Just hours ago, the Celts declared war on the Trojans. What led to this war declaration?  Continue reading