Guncotton Waves Goodbye to Water Vikings

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Guncotton returned to lead the Water Vikings a month ago. Yesterday, he retired. Why is he leaving so soon, and will he return to leadership?

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Dragon Retires from Silver Empire Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, Dragon has stepped down from his position as commander in Silver Empire. But why is he stepping down? Continue reading

Midnight Retires from Mercenaries

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters– Recently, Midnight has taken action to retire from the Mercenaries. But what was the reason? Continue reading

Uncertainty Arises with Rach’s Departure from Fire Warriors

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors – In an uncertain series of events, Rach has departed from Fire Warriors leadership. What led to her decision to retire? 

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Alucard Retires From Dark Vikings

DANELAW, Dark Vikings Empire – This week, a change within the leadership of Dark Vikings occurred as Alucard decided to retire. What was the reason behind this? What do the Dark Vikings have in store for the community? 

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Ravager Revamp: BaileyBear Retires, BoMoBuddy Steps Up

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravager Empire – The Red Ravagers recently had a massive turn of leadership with BaileyBear stepping down while BoMoBuddy steps up. What’s next for the Ravagers and what can we expect from BoMoBuddy?

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Padme Steps Down from Templars Leadership

Klondike: CP Army Headquarters – Just following the conclusion of the first week of Project Conquest, Padme, leader of the Templars, has announced that she will be stepping down from leadership. What led to this decision?

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Tea Time! Featuring: Associate Director Sidie9

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to Tea Time! Every week, we interview a famous personality in the army community to get all the gossip and tea about their time here. Today we take a look at our Associate Director, Sidie9! Hold your applause after the post.

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Shallissa and SupremePower Step Down from PIC Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The People’s Imperial Confederation have officially ushered in a new generation of leadership with the retirement of Shallissa and SupremePower. Continue reading

Sidie9 and Emma Retire From PIC Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On April 17th, People’s Imperial Confederation creator Sidie9 and leader Emma announced their retirement. This comes as a huge blow to the army as they lose two of their top leaders. Who are these two leaders, and why did they retire? 

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