Loud & Proud: Shaboomboom and Mchappy on ACP’s Queer History and Growing Up LGBTQ+ In The 2008 Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As Pride Month draws to a close, we celebrate with two of the community’s openly LGBT+ army legends from the Army of Club Penguin, an army known for its rich queer history.

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The Most Iconic Army Slogans

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Every army goes by a slogan that is considered to be representative and unique to that particular army. What are some of the phrases that are used as slogans by the existing armies in the community? Which one(s) do you like, and why? Continue reading

Jesus1_4 Becomes the 48th Commander-in-Chief at ACP

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – With the recent retirement of FatChicken88, the Army of Club Penguin sees the arrival of a new leader, Jesus1_4. What can we expect from him? What kind of an impact will this promotion have on the future of the army? Continue reading

FatChicken88 Bids his Farewell to the Clovers

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – After leading the army for 3 whole months, FatChicken88 has decided to step down from the leadership at Army of Club Penguin. What was the cause behind this decision of his? What kind of an impact will it have on the future of the army? Continue reading

Advisor’s Advice

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Often, leaders turn to their advisors for advice, and their guidance is rarely made public knowledge. However, that is all about to change!

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That Time When Club Penguin Closed Down… And Then Again… And Again

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Every few months comes a story that shocks the entire community. Maybe your second-favourite army was caught multi-logging for the twenty-fifth time this week or maybe that leader you always thought was pleasant turned out to be pretty horrific. Moments like these are always interesting to reflect on, and that’s precisely why this week we will be discussing That Time When Club Penguin closed down… and then closed down again… and one more time.

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The Green Family Going Strong For Fifteen Years

ASCENT, Army of Club Penguin Empire – On the 29th of September, the Army of Club Penguin celebrated 15 years of activity within the army community. What is the army’s history, and what got them to this point? Continue reading

Clover Turmoil: CSY, Cubster Retire, Multiple HCOM Announce Retirements from ACP

ASCENT, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Just before the September Drop officially begins, several ACP High Command, as well as their two leaders announced that they will be retiring from their positions. What led to this sudden decision?

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Army in Focus : Army of Club Penguin

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Welcome to the first feature of the newest Monday column, Army in Focus. In this column, we put an army under a microscope each week and look at either their success throughout the week or their failures. This week we’ll be looking into the Army of Club Penguin. How successful was their week?

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