Scrapped Metal: Silver Empire Ends Revival Hopes

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Silver Empire hinted at returning to the community a few days ago. What was the final decision, and where does it leave the Silvers?

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Behind the Permanent Closure of Silver Empire

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – The Silver Empire announced its closure a little more than a month after celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Why did they shut down and will they build their empire again?

Silver Empire

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Holly Inducted As Silver Empire Leader

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, Silver Empire has re-inducted Holly back into their leadership. What does Holly have in store for Silver Empire, this time around?

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Silver Empire Celebrate their Second Anniversary

Editors note: The Silver Empire leaders would like it to be known that they do not endorse any of the comments said by Comedy in her interview.

KLONDIKE, CP ARMY HEADQUARTERS – On April 20th 2022, the Silver Empire celebrated their second anniversary. Club Penguin Army Headquarters is here to bring you a look at the past two years of the Empire, in addition to an insight regarding their future plans.

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Empire Fallen: Templars Issue Treaty to Silver Empire

JERUSALEM, Templars of Club Penguin – Just one day before their semifinal battle in the Christmas Chaos XI, the Templars have won the war against the Silver Empire and subjected them to a force treaty. What were the terms of the treaty and how will it affect the silver empire future?

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Dragon and Holly Inducted as the Newest Silver Empire Leaders

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just a week after Electrumm announced her retirement, two new leaders have been inducted into the leadership of the Silver Empire. What can we expect from the two new leaders and what do they have in store for the army?  

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Clash of the Empires: Templars Declare War on Silver Empire

JERUSALEM, Templars of Club Penguin Territory Prior to the first round of the newly announced Christmas Chaos XI, the Templars of Club Penguin declared war on the Silver Empire. What is the reason behind this sudden declaration of war and what will the outcome of the war be?

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Army in Focus : Silver Empire

Edit: Amber’s response has been edited in.

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Welcome back to the second edition of our Monday column, Army in Focus. Each week we put an army under a microscope and look at their proceedings of that week. This week we’re looking into the Silver Empire, how eventful was their week?

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