Behind the Permanent Closure of Silver Empire

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – The Silver Empire announced its closure a little more than a month after celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Why did they shut down and will they build their empire again?

Silver Empire

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BREAKING: Fire Warriors Rebrand to Ninjas

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Something lurks in the shadows. In an effort to rebuild, history repeats itself as the currently dormant Fire Warriors begin rebranding.

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AustinFraud Joins Secret Service Leadership

SECRET SERVICE HQ, Secret Service Capital – After a record-breaking event, Secret Service shocked the community by introducing AustinFraud as their newest leader. What does he have planned for the army?

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Midnight Retires from Mercenaries

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters– Recently, Midnight has taken action to retire from the Mercenaries. But what was the reason? Continue reading

Small-Medium Free For All: Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On Sunday, February 13th, four armies faced off in the CP Army HQ’s Small-Medium Free For All battle event. All of the participants competed against each other in a series of three rooms, but only one army stood out from the rest. Exactly what went down during this ultimate battle? 

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Uncertainty Arises with Rach’s Departure from Fire Warriors

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors – In an uncertain series of events, Rach has departed from Fire Warriors leadership. What led to her decision to retire? 

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The Reds Clash: Fire Warriors Declare War on Secret Service

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors – Recently, the Fire Warriors have declared war on their former ally, the Secret Service. What led to these rising tensions?

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Fire Warriors Withdraw Invasion On Wild Ninjas

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors Capital – After just a day of scheduling an invasion against Wild Ninjas, Fire Warriors canceled it as well as transferred all their land. Why did they cancel the invasions? Continue reading

BREAKING: Fire Warriors Leader Pranav Banished Following Attempted Defection

ESTÁS A TOPE, Fire Warriors Empire – Fire Warriors leader Pranav has been banished after attempting to “destroy the army from within”. However, Pranav tells a completely different story in his exclusive interview with CP Army HQ: that he was in-fact undercover on a mission for moral justice.

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Fire Warriors ‘Recreator’ Sweater Seizes Website From Leadership & Issues Ultimatum

ESTÁS A TOPE, Fire Warriors Empire – Tensions within the Fire Warriors leadership have reached a boiling point, as ‘re-creator’ Sweater seizes the website and asks for former leader AustinFraud to be banned with immediate effect.

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