Scrapped Metal: Silver Empire Ends Revival Hopes

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Silver Empire hinted at returning to the community a few days ago. What was the final decision, and where does it leave the Silvers?

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Kitchens Close as Chefs Shutdown

UNKOWN TERRITORY, Chefs Capital – Recently, the Chefs announced they would close up shop. Why are they shutting down? Continue reading

Rusting Gold: TheMightyA Retires From the Golden Troops

KLONDIKE, CP Army HeadquartersOn the 12th of September, TheMightyA announced his official retirement from the Golden Troops, followed by the closure of the army he created and led, the Post Malone Army. What led to this decision? Continue reading

Extinguishing the Flame: Fire Warriors Announce Closure After Tournament Victory

HOT CHOCOLATE, Former Fire Warriors Capital – In a shocking turn of events, the Fire Warriors, having only just recently been crowned the victors of Challengers Cup II, announced their closure 7 months into this current generation. What was the reason behind this decision?

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Army of Orient Seas Closes Down Unexpectedly

KLONDIKE – CP Army Headquarters- On May 7th, the Army of the Orient Sea’s shut down after being re-opened for barely a week. What led to this unexpected closure?

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