Map Rules

  • The server of Klondike is CPAHQ’s Headquarters and cannot be invaded by any army. CPAHQ also cannot invade any server.
  • The invading army must have at least 10 members present at any point of the invasion in order for it to be valid, including free land invasions.
  • When invading another army’s server, the invading army can decide to lock it. Locking the server prevents the defending army from transferring the server. If an army hasn’t requested for the server to be locked, the defending army will be able to transfer their server.
  • The invasion of a capital server can only take place once an army has lost all of their servers.
  • If the defending army does not show up, the invading army will be declared as victors after they have remained online for 10 minutes.
  • Armies can only schedule 3 invasions at any given time, with only 2 of these invasions being against another army.
  • An army cannot schedule multiple invasions against the same army during the same time zone. Invasions must be scheduled at least 2 hours apart.
  • Opposing army leaders must be informed of the invasion.
  • Armies must use CPA Battleground.


Server Ownership Rules:

Armies will be given the option of renaming their servers, as long as the names are appropriate, which will be decided upon by the Admins and Head Judges.

  • Armies must successfully invade and own a server for a week before they can change its name. This is to stop armies from invading and renaming servers that have just been taken from them. 
  • Armies will also have the ability to change the server name immediately after a successful free land invasion.


Judging Rules: 

The following rules are specific to the World Map. CPAHQ is in collaboration with CP Army Judges for the judging of battles and invasions. Please refer to our judging guide for more information.

  • The invading army must request judges in the appropriate CPAJ channel at least 24 hours before a battle and get confirmation from the required number of judges at least 30 minutes before the start of a battle. Failure to do this will render the invasion invalid
  • Ideally, land invasions against another army need a minimum of 3 judges. 
  • Invasion of free land requires just 1 judge.
  • Armies may decline up to 2 judges per battle. No rejections can be made an hour before the battle begins unless there is a confirmed affiliation of one of the judges. 
  • Only capital invasions and tournaments will go into overtime. These battles will have a maximum of two overtime rooms. In the case that a tie occurs, the defending army will keep their territory.
  • In the case of an insufficient number of judges, Head Judges can fill in as judges and are not allowed to be rejected (except if they are directly affiliated with one of the armies battling). 


Discord Rules:

The format for declaring an invasion in #invasions-scheduling, must follow the layout below:

Army Name: Army A vs Army B (Only Army A if the invasion is for freeland).

Invasion of Server: Frostbite

Date and Time: Tuesday 30th November 3PM EST

Ping the army leaders of the defending army, OR Unclaimed Land

  • You must give at least 24 hours notice for an invasion, and cannot schedule more than a week in advance.
  • You must request judges at least 24 hours before the invasion.
  • All valid invasions will be posted in #invasions and will list the judges assigned prior to the start of the battle. 
  • All server transfers must be stated clearly in #server-transfers, and only become valid once the receiving army has accepted. (Subjective to war terms).


General Battle Terms:

All invasions will be required to follow the general battle terms. If any army is found to be in violation of these terms then they will be subjected to penalties, based on the severity of the violation. The penalties may range from a deduction of points in the Top Ten of the week, a ban from the map or the invasion declared as invalid. 

The General Battle Terms are as follows:

  • No multi-logging, botting or any other means of any unfair increase of an army’s size
  • No blackmailing
  • No doxxing tactics or DDoSing
  • Do not report other peoples accounts in game to stop them attending battles, unless a rule is broken.
  • No toxic tactics (attacking someone’s race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)


Terms and Treaties:

The invading army can set the terms for the invasion/war. CPAHQ Admins and Head Judges will review these terms to ensure that they are suitable. 

  • The ‘no transfers’ term is optional, and locks any land that the armies own. You cannot deny this term.
  • Terms such as ‘invasions are only allowed during certain times’ or ‘no big word bubbles allowed’ will be invalid. Please do not state any ‘funny’ terms as these will be denied by CPAHQ. 

Once an army loses all of their land, they will be forced to sign a force treaty, which cannot last longer than 3 months. When making a force treaty, armies are not allowed to force things such as:

  • Merges/ colonization.
  • Leadership or server changes.
  • Denying armies from invading allies, unless it is an alliance war.

CPAHQ Admins and Head Judges will review each treaty and communicate with both armies, in order to ensure a valid and fair force treaty is decided upon.

Ultimately, the silent cases and unforeseen events not dealt with in these rules shall be resolved by the CPAHQ Admins and Head Judges.