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League Table

The current League Table season has ended and has been put on an indefinite pause.

Current Season: 2022 New Years Series

Welcome to the official CP Army league table, which links to our current world map. Armies will have the chance to earn points through successful invasions or defence of their servers to be able to rise through our league table. If you earn enough points you could become the champion of the season, in a unique and innovative ranking system not seen before in CP Armies. On a weekly basis, armies can also compete to get the most points in that week to earn bonus top ten points.



Below are the current standings for our league table, running until April 30th, 2022.


Pos.ArmyW v MajorW v SMFree LandTotal PointsWeekly Points
2Water Vikings00551
3Fire Warriors00553
4Secret Service00331
5Bose DK Warriors00110
6People’s Imperial Confederation00000
7Red Ravagers00000
8Dua Inn Lipa Fighters00000
9Wild Ninjas00000
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