League Table

Current Season: Winter Trial 2021 ❄️️

Welcome to the official CP Army league table, which links to our current world map. Armies will have the chance to earn points through successful invasions or defence of their servers to be able to rise through our league table. If you earn enough points you could become the champion of the season, in a unique and innovative ranking system not seen before in CP Armies. On a weekly basis, armies can also compete to get the most points in that week to earn bonus top ten points.


  • A successful invasion of a small/medium armies’ server, or successful defence against a small/medium army, is worth three points.
  • A successful invasion of a major armies’ server, or successful defence against a major army, is worth five points.
  • An invasion of a free land server is worth one point if successfully claimed.
  • The rules of our map can be found on this page.


  • A season lasts for a set amount of time, before a champion is announced for that season. Once this has happened the table will then be reset to start a new season. The first season of CPAHQ’s league table will last for one month as a trial period.
  • The army that have gained the most points in that week (from Sunday-Saturday) will be given four bonus points on the top ten. This is a trial amount of points and more or less could be given in the future.

Below are the current standings for our league table, running until the 1st January 2021.