Alucard Retires From Dark Vikings

DANELAW, Dark Vikings Empire – This week, a change within the leadership of Dark Vikings occurred as Alucard decided to retire. What was the reason behind this? What do the Dark Vikings have in store for the community? 

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The Set Completed, Legoman Retires From People’s Imperial Confederation

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – As the year comes to a close, one leaders decide to step away from his position. What is the reason behind his retirement? How will it impact the army?

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Cosmic Viper Announces His Retirement From the Celts of Club Penguin

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In a surprise announcement that no one saw coming, Cosmic Viper – better known as Ronaldo – announces his latest retirement from Celts of CP.

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The Quadrata Leadership Bid Help Force Farewell

ZIPLINE, The Help Force Capital – Recently, the Help Force have experienced a generation change, as their four commanders Ayan, Elpiojo, Vedant and Nell have decided to retire from leadership. What was the reason behind their retirement? What impact will it have on the Help Force?

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FatChicken88 Bids his Farewell to the Clovers

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – After leading the army for 3 whole months, FatChicken88 has decided to step down from the leadership at Army of Club Penguin. What was the cause behind this decision of his? What kind of an impact will it have on the future of the army? Continue reading

Help Force Witnesses Changes In Administration

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After the end of World War VIII, the Help Force has decided to make a new beginning to their Administration, and rework the roles and duties surrounding it, as the army prepares itself for a new generation. What led to this decision? What kind of an impact will these new administrative renovations have on the army at large? Continue reading

ACP Legend Sidie9 Announces Surprise Withdrawal From Army of CP: “I’m very proud of how things turned out”

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Empire – Just two months after she shocked the community by rejoining the Army of Club Penguin, former leader and legend Sidie9 has announced her withdrawal from the higher command in a surprise announcement.

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LawCorazon Retires From Ice Warriors Leadership

Sub Zero – Ice Warriors Empire: On the 9th of October, LawCorazon stepped down from her position of leadership in Ice Warriors. What was the cause behind this decision of hers? What will this hold for the future of the army? Continue reading

Neha says her Goodbye to the Army Community

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Following the retirement of TheMightyA, another one of the leaders of Golden Troops leaders, Neha, decided to step down. Why did she step down? Continue reading

Rusting Gold: TheMightyA Retires From the Golden Troops

KLONDIKE, CP Army HeadquartersOn the 12th of September, TheMightyA announced his official retirement from the Golden Troops, followed by the closure of the army he created and led, the Post Malone Army. What led to this decision? Continue reading