New Armies, Familiar Faces – TS/Sauron Joins Mercenaries Leadership

Update: Leader Da Best has now retired, stating he is too busy in his personal life.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Mercenaries of Club Penguin recently announced that they have inaugurated a familiar face in the community, TS/Sauron, as a leader. What led to this promotion, and what can we expect from him?

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Lord Pain Inducted Templars Leader; Claims ACP War is Inevitable

JERUSALEM, Templars Capital – The infamous personality known as Lord Pain has joined the Templars leadership. What will this new induction mean for the Templars and their foreign relations? 

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Stemv Inaugurated Bose DK Commander Following Invasion Success

DELHI BELLY, Bose DK Warriors Capital – The Bose DK Warriors have a new face in the leadership. On January 3rd, Stemv was inducted as the newest Bose DK Commander. Who is Stemv and what can we expect from her leadership?

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Conor’s Retirement Gives Fire Warriors, Two New Leaders

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – Not long ago, Sweater announced his retirement from the Fire Warriors, and inducted two new leaders – Real and Pran. What can we expect from the new leaders? What kind of an impact will both the retirement, and the change in leadership have on the army at large? Continue reading

New Reign Over The Ravagers: Yeti Joins Red Ravagers Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Red Ravagers have a new face taking to the reins. Yeti was promoted to the rank of Red Commander just yesterday. Who exactly is Yeti? What great things can the Ravagers and the community expect from him?

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14bized joins Trojans Leadership

TROY, Trojans Empire – Recently the Trojans welcomed a new face, 14bized into their leadership. What led to this decision and how will he impact the army? Continue reading

Hidcre Joins the People’s Imperial Confederation Leadership

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – Just a few hours back, there were some changes in the leadership of the People’s Imperial Confederation, as the army witnessed one of its leaders, Legoman retiring, and a familiar face, Hidcre joining the leadership to take his place. What can we expect from Hidcre? What kind of an impact will this promotion have on the army at large? Continue reading

Snowy Joins the Help Force Leadership

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – With the retirements that took place within Help Force not too long ago, Wynn took over as the new leader. Recently, the army saw the arrival of another familiar face who joined the leadership, alongside Wynn. She goes by the name, Snowy. What’s the reason behind this promotion? What can we expect from Snowy, and how will this promotion impact the army at large? Read on more to find out. Continue reading

Dragon and Holly Inducted as the Newest Silver Empire Leaders

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just a week after Electrumm announced her retirement, two new leaders have been inducted into the leadership of the Silver Empire. What can we expect from the two new leaders and what do they have in store for the army?  

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Jesus1_4 Becomes the 48th Commander-in-Chief at ACP

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – With the recent retirement of FatChicken88, the Army of Club Penguin sees the arrival of a new leader, Jesus1_4. What can we expect from him? What kind of an impact will this promotion have on the future of the army? Continue reading