The Full Story Behind the Secret Service Discord Defacement; “Them kids are annoying as ****” Says Culprit

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just hours after the Secret Service suffered a major defacement of their Discord server, we speak exclusively to the leaders and the offender himself. But how and why did this shocking attack unfold?

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Water Vikings Leader Oreo Defects For Templars

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Water Vikings leader Oreo has left her position within the army and taken up rank within their enemies, the Templars. Our exclusive interview with Oreo and the Water Vikings leadership reveals all.

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Multilogging Confessions: Space Force Leader Ninja & Chefs Creator Memero Admit Guilt

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Space Force leader Ninja and creator of the now-deceased Chefs, Memero, have both confessed to multilogging at their respective army events.

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Deception & Depravity: Breaking Down The Eclipse-Secret Service Saga

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Secret Service and Eclipse leaderships have been embroiled in a shocking state of events, with a declaration of war exposing inappropriate relationships, attempts of deception and deceit, and a sustained attitude of victim blaming.

TW: This article contains the discussion of pedophilia. Reader discretion is advised. 

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BREAKING: Fire Warriors Leader Pranav Banished Following Attempted Defection

ESTÁS A TOPE, Fire Warriors Empire – Fire Warriors leader Pranav has been banished after attempting to “destroy the army from within”. However, Pranav tells a completely different story in his exclusive interview with CP Army HQ: that he was in-fact undercover on a mission for moral justice.

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Fire Warriors ‘Recreator’ Sweater Seizes Website From Leadership & Issues Ultimatum

ESTÁS A TOPE, Fire Warriors Empire – Tensions within the Fire Warriors leadership have reached a boiling point, as ‘re-creator’ Sweater seizes the website and asks for former leader AustinFraud to be banned with immediate effect.

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Swiftly Stricken (From Leadership): Glitter Fired From Celts

Update, 18/11/21, 3:40 AM GMT – Glitter has found a new home in the newly created Scars of Club Penguin, joining as their Leader-in-Training.

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – In a rather unexpected turn of events, Celts leader Glitter has just been fired from their position. What did they do wrong, and what’s next for the Celts?

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Bias in the Wiki? Legoman Issued Demotion

Editor’s Note, 21/12/2021: There is an update to this situation at the bottom of the post.

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – The Club Penguin Army Wiki, one of the leading organisations focused on preserving army history, has recently announced the demotion of a senior administrator. What exactly happened and what’s next for the Wiki?  Continue reading

CPAHQ Official Statement Towards Water Vikings Multilogging Accusations

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In the most recent Champions Cup Grand Final battle between the Templars and the Water Vikings, allegations were brought to the CPAHQ Administration team in regards to the Water Vikings attempting to multilog at the final battle.

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Clover Turmoil: CSY, Cubster Retire, Multiple HCOM Announce Retirements from ACP

ASCENT, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Just before the September Drop officially begins, several ACP High Command, as well as their two leaders announced that they will be retiring from their positions. What led to this sudden decision?

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