Waddling to Make a Difference: IW Engages in Philanthropic Efforts

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – In a world where this community is gauged amongst many things including wars, tournaments, and constant engagements of words, one army in this community has decided to put these things aside and truly work for something bigger than themselves.

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Clover Turmoil: CSY, Cubster Retire, Multiple HCOM Announce Retirements from ACP

ASCENT, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Just before the September Drop officially begins, several ACP High Command, as well as their two leaders announced that they will be retiring from their positions. What led to this sudden decision?

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Burning Flames: Crimson Guardians Announce Hiatus

THERMAL, Former Crimson Guardians Capital – On August 27th, ActionSpark announced that the Crimson Guardians would start a hiatus. What led to this decision?

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CPAHQ Special Report: Fire Warriors Meltdown and Beef with Eclipse in Retrospect

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- After being crowned the Champions of Challengers Cup 2, the Fire Warriors quickly went down a pathway of uncertainty regarding their future.

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Study Hall: Smart Penguins Enter Lockdown Period

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguins Empire – After their most recent showing in the Challengers Cup, the Smart Penguins have decided that they will enter a lockdown period for the foreseeable future. Why did they decide to do this?

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BREAKING NEWS: Medieval Warriors Caught Multilogging

Klondike, CP Army Headquarters – During this period of relatively drama-free news, the pot has been stirred as it was discovered today that the Medieval Warriors were caught multilogging.

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CPAHQ Special Report: Clovers Crash Doritos-SWAT Practice Battle; Tempers Flaring

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- After yesterdays gripping events between the Doritos and the Army of Club Penguin, the situation has continued to escalate after a practice battle between DCP and SWAT was raided by ACP.  A newly invigorated DCP side has promptly announced their intentions to fight back with full force. Continue reading