Battle of the Blues Leads to CPA Battleground Crash

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A little over a month since its opening, CPA Battleground experiences crashes amidst battles. The latest was the practice battle between the Water Vikings and Ice Warriors.

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First Battle on CPA Battleground Hits Roadblocks

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After an exciting launch, CPA Battleground is pushed to its limit by the Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation. Unfortunately, the game couldn’t handle the intensity of the battle; what happens now?

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Community Clash In Spring Showdown

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Recently, the community witnessed a huge battle take place, which consisted of multiple armies. What happened at this fun-filled event?

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March Madness 2021: Outstanding Octet Review

Klondike, CPA Headquarters – The first round of March Madness came to a conclusion last weekend.  Which armies are moving on, and which armies are going home early? Continue reading

Analyzing the Golden Seas War

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters- March 3rd brought about the first war of 2021 that was recognized by both sides. Since then, there were two battles between the Water Vikings and Templars on Club Penguin Rewritten. Both battles were judged using CPA Headquarters’ judging system, and both were extremely fierce as the two clashed for an ultimate win in the war.

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Army of CP and Help Force Engage In Close Battle

CRYSTAL, Army Battle Ground – Last weekend saw a huge milestone as there were numerous battles amongst some of the very biggest armies in the community on CP Rewritten’s HTML5 version. One of the most notable battles was between brother allies the Army of CP and Help Force.

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