March Madness 2021: Outstanding Octet Review

Klondike, CPA Headquarters – The first round of March Madness came to a conclusion last weekend.  Which armies are moving on, and which armies are going home early? Continue reading

The Golden Seas War: Water Vikings Declare War on Templars

UPDATE: The Templars have released a counter-declaration, penned by Xing, which can be read HERE.

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters- On March 3rd, 2021, the Water Vikings declared war on the Templars Of Club Penguin.  What brought on this stunning change of events?

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The Secret To Success: Inside the Armies That Remained Open

Klondike, CPA Headquarters – While most armies shutdown during the shutdown of our beloved league, some armies remained open and thriving. Some even grow stronger through it. How did these armies fare?  Continue reading