Welcome to the Armies page! Here you can see a list of the community’s currently active armies with some additional information about each one, in alphabetical order.

Last updated on: April 19th, 2022


Creator: Oagalthorp

Founded: September 29th, 2006

Leader: Jesus1_4


Creator: Ayan / KitKat89

Founded: March 11th, 2018

Leaders: Wynn, Snowy


Creator: Iceyfeet1234

Founded: June 2007

Leaders: IceQueen, Iceyfeet1234, Kally, DrQueen

Creator: Midnight

Founded: December 18th, 2021

Leaders: Midnight, Toxic Storm & Bull Hour


Creator: Commando717

Founded: May 2007

Leaders: Elexonck, F6sixer


Creator: Maxine & Honda

Founded: May 2020

Leaders: BoMoBuddy, NefeNomster


Creator: TD999

Founded: October 20th, 2020

Leaders: Pandor


Creators: Jimmy, Zach, Electrumm, Fae

Founded: April 20th, 2020

Leader: Dragon & Df44


Creator: Ganger90

Founded: 2009

Leaders: Coolguy & Monstah


Creator: Xing

Founded: April 4th, 2018

Leaders: Echo, Brownpen, Racecar4, Xing, Lord Pain, Nicky


Creators: Zakster, Jed Pen

Founded: December 28th, 2010

Leaders: Aaronstone, Buddy, Pjayo, Pydro