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Top Ten Armies [01/30/22-02/5/22]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Numerous changes come to the Top Ten as the month of February begins. Many armies shift in this month’s rankings with the continuation of the AUSIA Arena tournament.

1. Templars [+0] [82.81]

2. Ice Warriors [+1] [74.53]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [74.05]

4. Help Force [-2] [60.99]

5. Water Vikings [+2] [55.03]

6. Night Warriors [+0] [45.00]

7. Army of Club Penguin [-2] [38.25]

8. Silver Empire [+4] [36.54]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [+2] [29.00]

10. Secret Service [-1] [25.83]

11. Mercenaries [-1] [23,74]

12. Fighter Pilots [RETURN] [20.00]

13. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [18.00]

14. Fire Warriors [+0] [15.50]

15. Army of Darkness [+0] [13.50]


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Biographies were compiled by: ActionSpark, Max, Frostty, Spotty, Scorp, Comedy, Nicky, & Disha

Calculations completed by: DMT


1. Templars: The Templars began their week with an AUSIA Arena Quarter Final battle against the Silver Empire, peaking at 34 penguins. A size of 47 was then witnessed at a battle against the Army of CP, while 53 penguins were present at an AUSIA Arena training. A second AUSIA Arena training witnessed 58 Templars online, while their battle vs. the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Semi Finals of the tournament witnessed a turnout of 44. Their week concluded with a ‘Hunt and Kill’ event and maximum of 55.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors have had a very eventful week having held a total of 7 events. Their week started off on a note of celebration, where 52 troops showed up to attend a Celebratory U-Lead. Following this, the army held a murder mystery, that had 42 people attend to find out who the murderer was, and join in the fun. The next three events that they had were practice battles with their allies, the Silver Empire, the Water Vikings, and the Rebel Penguin Federation – for which 22 warriors logged online to meet the Silvers and play Scavenger hunt with them, 24 troops came to play Swordfighting with the Water Vikings, and 36 soldiers attended for a training battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. For the Opening Ceremony of Sub Zero Olympics, the Ice Warriors maxed a total of 43 penguins online. The army ended their week with a Training event for the Ausia Arena Tournament that had 40 people show up to train, and give it their best for the upcoming semi-finals!

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