Advisor’s Advice: E-girls Rebrand

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – This week it is time to ask our advisors for advice about one of the community’s most popular topics, e-girls.

Welcome to the second edition of,  ‘Advisor’s Advice’. For this edition I went to six different army advisors and asked them  about the popular army community topic, e-girls. What advice will we end up receiving from our advisors about this very serious topic?

The advisors were asked:

‘The leader of your army suddenly announces that they are rebranding to ‘E Girls of CP’, how do you react to this?’


Crazzy, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Advisor

I support the egirl movement

Baileybhaloo, Red Ravager’s Advisor

Sounds funny and fun! I am sentimental so I’d probably be a bit sad for change but I feel like the hype of something new and fun would out weigh the big sad of change so I’d be all for it and help come up with a uniform and probably a bunch of tactics!

Wiggly, Silver Empire’s Advisor

💀 respectfully I think I would leave the community
That’s almost as bad as the name WAP

Mare, Water Viking’s Advisor 

First off, I would laugh because I would love to see those leaders have E-Girl pfps.. Like imagine Revan and Aaron as two e-girls named Fallen Angel Aaron and Baby Peach Revan. It would be hilarious.

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