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CPAHQ’s Night of Debauchery [Summer Awards Voting 2021]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- As is tradition, the summer in the community concludes with army awards voted on by YOU, the viewers!  But the administration has some surprises up their sleeves on how results will be revealed.

Choosing Awards and Nominees

When selecting awards, the administration tried to bring back community favorite awards alongside incorporating new awards for the summer.  Nominees for each award were chosen in a collaborative process, where the admins discussed what transpired over the summer.  The admins tried to keep the nominee lists brief, but the popular awards like Best Major Leader will be lengthier than others.  The awards for this summer are broken into three categories: Major AwardsSmall/Medium Awards, and Community Awards.  The S/M category was expanded to give the S/M community more recognition in a summer where they played a bigger role than usual.  The Community category also saw some expansion, as the community branched out into different sects over the course of the summer, seeing intertwined competition between major armies and S/M armies.

Voting Process

As always, the community will be able to choose who they think is most deserving of the award.  This year, the administration has decided to introduce ranked choice voting for the following awards.

These awards contain a large amount of people that all deserve recognition.  Ranked Choice Voting makes the voter choose a 1st place vote, a 2nd place vote, and a third place vote for each of these categories.  A 1st place vote will grant the nominee 9 points.  A 2nd place vote will grant the nominee 6 points, and a 3rd place vote will grant the nominee 3 points.  The winner of the award will be decided by who has the most points.  For awards that were not listed above, they will operate on a standard voting system, where one vote equals one point and the winner is which nominee garnered the most votes.

2021 Summer Awards

The following awards and nominees for this summer, which are broken into four categories, are as follows.

A * denotes an award that utilizes ranked choice voting.

Major Awards

Best Major Army*

In a year where nothing was guaranteed, the Best Major Army winner this year may very well mean more than previous years.  It was a fight for many to maintain their status as a major army in a rapidly shifting community.  Perhaps the best major army is not just the biggest, but also the most undaunted in the face of adversity.

Best Major Army Leader*

The role of an army leader asks more and more as the community advances in time.  The leaders of major armies are tasked with managing an entire community, transcending the category past wondering which leader can switch between Discord and Club Penguin the quickest.  In today’s community, the Best Major Army Leader is a testament to the wide range of work put in by these individuals.

Best Major Army HCOM

In the same way, a member of a major army’s HCOM plays a much bigger role than ever before.  As armies broaden their horizons to entice recruits to join, the HCOM is integral in managing affairs that the army leader cannot dedicate as much time towards.  The Best Major Army HCOM is an award that demonstrates the changing landscape of armies most effectively.

Most Achieved*

Summer in Club Penguin armies always thrusts community members into prominence, either by design or by luck.  No matter how much size wavers, the community can always rely on a number of individuals taking charge of the most important timeframe in armies.  The Most Achieved award perfectly encapsulates who demonstrated their influence and prowess across the army world.

Biggest Retirement

The summer also brings departures of community members that once dominated the headlines.  But Biggest Retirement is not just an award to devalue.  The award goes to the person who’s retirement changed the course of the community.  And in typical fashion, these retirees usually go out with a bang.

S/M Awards:

Best S/M Army*

The Best S/M Army is often a runaway show for one army that constantly teeters the line of becoming a major army.  But, this summer saw multiple S/M armies rise to prominence.  Not only that, but interaction between these armies gave the community a closer look at the cream of the crop when it comes to the S/M community.  These armies were pivotal in a summer of decline and change, going against the grain and making a name for themself.

Best New Army

Another guarantee that summer provides to the community is fresh talent.  Community members take take their open schedule as the chance to build an army during a time where the environment is easier than ever.  But this year provided challenges to these hopefuls, showing the valiance behind the Best New Army nominees.

Best S/M Army Leader*

The Best S/M Army Leader, though often criticized, is more important than ever.  The S/M army community is often the preparing ground for individuals who go on to lead the biggest names in armies.  When these leaders are not the rising stars of the community, they’re battle-tested veterans using their knowledge to gain an edge in the ever-competitive subdivision of armies.

Best S/M Army HCOM

The S/M community oftentimes is more invested in foreign relations than their major army counterparts, making friends and enemies frequently in hopes of stoking the flames that propel them to new heights.  In this way, the Best S/M Army HCOM is tasked with a sometimes impossible task: interacting with the rest of the community.

Best Troll Army

No summer is complete without acknowledging the Best Troll Army.  It is a foregone conclusion that there will always be armies that operate with the goal of engaging in tomfoolery more than dominating the army world.  These armies always remind the community of something very important: touch grass.

Community Awards:

Most Consistent Army

A new award for 2021, it is important to highlight one of the most important factors this year, which is consistency.  The Most Consistent Army, in the face of adversity, never faltered.  Their sizes stood pat, their HCOM solidified, and their performance was routinely exceptional.  These armies found the key in the year where most blueprints were thrown out the window.

Biggest Rise

Don’t let the doom and gloom attitude fool you.  This year saw many stretches of massive improvement for armies.  The Biggest Rise may not have been a permanent shift for some of these armies, but there was a point in time this summer where they took the community by storm.

Most Dramatic Fall

Though not explicitly seen, the community can only have so many armies at the top of their game.  Though sometimes the Most Dramatic Fall is brought on by internal issues, other times it is just the natural order of things in armies.  These armies experienced hardship like no other, all unique in their own right.

Best War

Whenever war comes about, it is at the forefront of the community.  Now more than ever, armies are starved for war.  This means that the Best War is not only just which war held the best battles, but which war harbored the most intense feelings this summer.

Best Tournament

Tournaments bring the community together, making them critical when discussing what happened during the summer.  The Best Tournament gives the community the most to talk about and marvel at.

Best Battle

Individual battles often get lost when discussing wars.  So often, the community focuses on the exchange of words rather than the combat that dictates it all.  The Best Battle award gives the community the chance to highlight which skirmish put on a beautiful display of tactical prowess.

Biggest Rivalry

When armies don’t go to war on Club Penguin, they’re going to war on Discord.  The war of words rose to prominence this year, with armies being more insecure about their battle performance due to uncertainties in the community.  This means that the Biggest Rivalry was often more entertaining than the wars fought.

Best Organization

The concept of unity is often debated in the community, which usually leads to the disapproval of multiple active organizations in the community.  But for these groups, this summer was filled to the brim with organizational competition, spoken or not.  The Best Organization award may be choosing the lesser of evils for some, but glory for those working behind the scenes.

Best Organization Head

Oftentimes, the organizational happenings in the community are fueled by the person at the top.  Being the Best Organization Head is no easy job, especially in a changing landscape as was armies in 2021.  These individuals braved the responsibilities that come with focusing on the overall community.

Biggest Moment

Despite the common opinion being that armies are on the decline, there were plenty of events in the community that shaped the summer and changed the entire army world.  The Biggest Moment provides an inside look at which of these events impact was felt the most.

Most Controversial Moment

Though these events may have changed the community, they are mostly known for the hornets nest they stirred up.  The Most Controversial Moment is for all of the drama lovers and feud enthusiasts to pick their favorite tabloid story.

Brightest Bulb 

A favorite from Club Penguin Army Hub in 2020 returns, as the Brightest Bulb award seeks to identify the top minds of the army community.  In times of crisis, everyone can sleep easy at night knowing that these individuals are an active voice in the army world.

How to Vote

In the interest of safety, CPAHQ Summer Awards will be voted on using Google Forms.  On Google Forms, you will be required to log into your Gmail account.  This is to ensure we do not receive any duplicate voters.  However, we will NOT have access to what Gmail accounts complete the form.  Despite this, CPAHQ still encourages voters to use an alternate Gmail account to vote.  If voters do not have an alternate account, it is past time to make one in this community.  The Google Form can be accessed HERE.

IMPORTANT: If voters do not want to make a Gmail account, there is an alternate form located HERE.   The WPForm REQUIRES the voter to provide a valid email.  This is because unlike on Google Forms, there is no WPForms feature to require valid emails without showing the email.  If a voter is voting on WPForms, they MUST use an email that does not contain personal information.  Any ballot that has a personal email will be deleted immediately.  This is why it is highly encouraged to make an alternate Gmail account for CP armies.  Once the votes are finalized, all entries on the WPForm will be deleted.

Deadline and Night of Debauchery

The deadline to submit your ballot is Sunday, September 5th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.  The results will be revealed during CPAHQ’s Night of Debauchery, a live results show that takes place in the CPAHQ Discord on Friday, September 10th, 2021, starting at 5 PM EST.  Make sure to RSVP in #polls when a poll about the event is posted to ensure it takes place!  The results will also be uploaded to the website in text format.


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