What If: Club Penguin Rewritten had an Army League

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Hello and welcome to the first edition of the newest Friday weekly column, “What If?”, written by Ferdthebird1! In this column, we ponder over scenarios which could have been a possibility, and may have made a difference in Club Penguin armies. In today’s edition we look into how it might have been, if Club Penguin Rewritten had it’s own army league!

Looking at armies in full flow during events, one may realize how important armies are for a private server’s userbase and activity, or they may just deem it as ‘groups who spam random messages and ping a lot’ and move on. These two opinions on armies have been a deciding factor in whether private servers support armies or not.

In this case, CPR decided to restrict army activity on their servers, taking action against users who fail to follow the rules:

Army rules stated by the CPR team, click to enlarge.

One might call these rules strict, and that armies should start searching for and use other private servers, however, with the huge community CPR has, armies still prefer to use it to gain popularity.

If we compare this to a former big private server Club Penguin Online, and seeing it’s generous support towards armies, it’s easier to decide which server would be favored by the army community. CPO was one of the first private servers to run an army league and offer so many features to armies, such as exclusive codes and coin events, along with providing the latest news and happenings within the army community. These features gave CPO a good army following, and with several armies being formed through this league, it gave tight competition to CPR armies. After the dramatic closure of CPO, almost all armies moved to CPR, and the first unified army league Club Penguin Army Hub, or CPAH was formed.

Now the question arises, how would armies look like if CPR had provided the same level of support and allowance as CPO, or if it had an army league?

A CPR army league would protect armies to the fullest.  Seeing 40 penguins come to a room and do tactics out of nowhere would become a common sight. With the wide array of developers and the skillset CPR has at it’s disposal, the possibilities for armies would be really huge.  Plus, with the massive community of more than 8 million players, army sizes would go berserk. If a CPR army league came into existence early, it’s very possible that CPOAL would not have been as big as it was able to become. This would also lead to very few CPO armies or army codes, if none at all, while CPR armies would have been a reality. With CPR arguably harboring a very settled community, conflicts between armies would have been lesser, and other army leagues would not be very lucky in terms of attention and fame.

While not certainly out of the equation, it would even be unlikely to see the now defunct CPA:TG, a private server exclusively for armies, come into existence, as support from a game as big as CPR would not require armies to look for alternatives. Armies would be in a mutual relationship with CPR.  We would get to see exclusive features for armies in CPR, and over such a long lifespan, it’s marvelous to think what could have been.

With a ‘CPRAL’, a massive league would be formed, leaving the scope for other army leagues to be very low. We may not have seen so many army leagues in such a case, and who knows…maybe you wouldn’t be reading this post right now if CPRAL was a reality.


What do YOU think? How impactful would a CPR army league be? How different would armies be if such a league came into existence? Make sure to tell us in the comments down below!


CPA Headquarters Reporter

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2 months ago

I don’t think CPR supporting its army community is a good thing. Original Club Penguin certainly didn’t support or endorse armies, nor did it fund it coins. The thing that gave armies competition was the lack of game development endorsement.

It is the reason why people consider a max of 20 from a CPR army as large as a max of 50 on CPO. It is definitely more challenging, but that’s what made the grind so great. That’s why some people dislike the newer versions of Minecraft — it makes the grinding aspect all too easy.

Successful CPR armies are noted for their heavy competency and that was because of a grind. They lacked the support of the CPPS, but that’s what made grinding and building a CPR army so plentiful in the long run.

And CPR has had leagues before. CPAM aw as originally a league geared towards CPR. DMT/Greeny’s CPA was also very similar. CP Army Syndicate was primarily CPR. Club Penguin Warfare was primarily CPR. Daily S/M Army News was primarily a league for CPR. The list goes on. So technically CPR has had many leagues before — it’s just those leagues weren’t sanctioned by the CPPS itself.

I think a better question to ask is: What if Club Penguin (the original game) had an army league. It’s silly to think about but I think it better answers this question for CPR since an answer for this question is essentially as relevant for the CPR question.

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